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BioSentry USB

BioSentry USB


Capacitance Based Fingerprint Scanner for Standalone Desktop Hardware and Software Applications on the USB Bus

The BioSentry USB is a capacitance based fingerprint scanner having a resolution of 500 DPI and a sensor area of 256x300 pixel array.

The image acquired is transferred to the software product and then converted into a small template size of approx 400 bytes. The sensor surface has been treated with a special coating to counter day to day attacks such as abrasion.

The Device is supported with SDK, which comes with required device drivers, libraries and image acquisition, matching algorithms, and lucid sample codes, which reduce your time to market.

This biometrics software product can be easily integrated with various applications as follows:
• Identity papers (national identity card, passport, driving license, residence permit)
• Electronic voting system
• Access to network
• Electronic trade
• Secure Transactions (Financial Data)
• Various machine & equipment
• Data Protection
BoiSentry – is a quality fingerprint authentication system
Add-on products currently available (based on capacitance based fingerprint sensor device - BioSentry)
1. Time & Attendance with fingerprint authentication systemBiometrics has been implemented in various organizations including hospitals, defense etc. for Time & Attendance and personnel tracking, replacing card-based authentication, et al
2. Smart Card implementation with capacitance based fingerprint sensor DeviceCompanies and governments are aggressively integrating Biometrics with Smart card based application such as Secure ID, Driving License, National ID card, Passport etc.
3. BioSentry Logon
The BioSentry Logon application has been developed specially to secure the Personal Computer from unauthorized access, which supports the Windows® environment. This application protects your PC by identifying unique biometrics characteristics of human, which is the fingerprint. This replaces the User Name & Password with the fingerprint authentication system.
BioSentry Logon also provides the features for file Encryption / Decryption, Screen Saver associated with the fingerprint template.

ITCC has tied up with its biometrics software product partner in the marketing of these Biometrics products. Both the products can be used for a number of software applications across the board.

For a demo on any of these software product, please e-mail us by going to 'Contact us' and submitting your inquiry OR email us at manoj@itc-consultant with your name, contact number, name of Company and your email address if different then the one you have emailed from. Please email or call us if there are any inquiries on any of these products.

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