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BioSentry USB

BioSentry USB


Capacitance based (Biometrics) Fingerprint Scanner for
Authentication over the Ethernet Network

It is impractical to assign a dedicated PC for each
door in an organization to validate a personís
entry for access control.
We have come out with a distributed network of (Biometrics)
fingerprint devices (capacitance based fingerprint scanner)
which can be connected on a normally laid out
Ethernet / Cat5 infrastructure.
BioSentry-ETH acts as a sample collector box with
related electronics mechanism to open a door etc.
These capacitance based fingerprint devices talk to
a server based software applications, which can be placed on any
PC node in the network. The network communication
protocol used for this device is TCP / IP. Every fingerprint authentication device is assigned with an IP address,
which can be configured at the time of installation.
This gives tremendous flexibility for the implementer to lay
security infrastructure within an organization, using the
same network infrastructure. Further, if the fingerprint scanner BioSentry ĖETH is assigned with a static IP address, it can
also be accessed over the Internet.
The box comes with human interface of 16 character X 2 line
LCD display, audible alarm and LEDís to show the activity
and status of the capacitance based fingerprint scanner for authentication over the Ethernet network.

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ITCC has tied up with its biometrics software product partner in the marketing of these Biometrics products. Both the products can be used for a software applications across the board.

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